Save Time with Consistent Naming Conventions

One of the best ways to save time on your computer is to be consistent when naming your files.

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It not only saves you time, but will be imperative when (not if) you bring someone in to help you expand your art business. It makes no sense to hire an assistant only to spend half of your time trying to find things in the computer for your assistant.

Your file names should be so clear that your office or studio assistant can find what they need without bothering you.

Last week, Karin, our Client Happiness Officer, was trying to find something in our fancy-pants customer software. She gently, and rightly, asked for more consistency in how we name things.

For example, we have used all of these modifiers to our tag names*:


There is nothing wrong with any of these, but there’s something wrong with using all of them. You’ll waste precious time when you can’t discern why one tag is named one way and another a different way.

Even If You Don’t Use Tags

This is applicable even if you have no idea what I’m talking about when I say “tags.”

You should have consistent naming conventions for:

  • Computer and paper folders
  • Document names (such as contracts, agreements, portfolio items)
  • Image files (include title, date, size in name)

Make sense?

It’s easy to put off doing tasks like this. You can always find something more urgent to do. So why not sign up for Organize Your Art Biz, which begins Wednesday, April 23. We roll up our sleeves and take care of these nagging tasks – and we hold your hand though the process. See details and register here.


*Tags are how we organize the contacts in our mailing list. For instance, you would get specific tags added for taking a class, signing up for a free webinar, or subscribing to the Art Biz Insider.


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