450 Art Films Online–FREE!

Pick up a little art history while you’re at your desk.

Many artists marketing their art could use a refresher course in art history. Why is it so important? It helps you establish credibility. You just sound more intelligent when you’re able to "talk art."

Still, most people don’t have time to learn art history from the caves at Lascaux to the present day.

This is the GREATEST thing
since sliced bread! 450 films about art to view on your computer. Okay, so it’s
not an ideal viewing situation, but they’re FREE!

The Roland Collection

Their Web site states:
"The Roland Collection offers inexhaustible worlds of history, culture,
philosophy, emotion, human document, celebration, protest, moral challenge and
imaginative liberation – all embodied in the forms of art. This on-line
resource guide is designed to give unprecedented access to those worlds.


"Anthony Roland, film maker and art expert has forged a
unique amalgam of international talent – the work of 230 film directors from 25
countries in this remarkable collection of over 600 films on art from
prehistoric times to the present day. Most programs are available world wide on
an exclusive basis – all are in English with many having options of one or more
of 16 other language versions.

"Programs cover many art disciplines including painting,
drawing, graphics, sculpture, architecture, design, photography, video art and
modern literature."

to Ron Diorio for the tip!

Image featured: Ron Diorio, Scorcese. Photograph. ©The Artist

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  • Nancy Wylie

    Where are the “Artist’s Tips”? I can’t find them on the blog and that is the one thing I really enjoy about the newsletter. I just don’t have time to read blogs. Thanks, Nancy

  • Nancy, Looks like you found them. This entire blog will be (and is) filled with tips. I appreciate the fact that you liked the tips in the Do This newsletter: http://www.artbizcoach.com/dothis I hope you’ll stick with me here. I think it will be worth it as more tips and finds are offered more frequently. Alyson