Don’t Have a Web Site?

I am the first person to recognize that serious, professional artists need serious, professional Web sites. I encourage all of my clients to get their own site with their name in the URL.

Having said that, I know not everyone can afford a site at this very minute. If you’re in this category, at least post some of your images online now with a photo log. My friend, Brian, uses Flickr to show off his collages. I use PhotoWorks for printing my digital images, but I can still send people to my albums.

Having a photo log online is a temporary solution to having no Web site at all. Save up and get your own site. In the meantime, create a small space on the Internet where you can send people to see your work.

Oh, yes, make sure you ALWAYS have the best images available of your art. There are no substitutions for high-quality photographs.

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1 comment to Don’t Have a Web Site?

  • Pat Velte

    For some artists, there is another opportunity that, while not free, may be a very inexpensive way to have a basic web presence: an art guild or association’s web site. The Oklahoma Art Guild, for example, charges a one-time fee of $35 to host a member’s page with the artist’s bio/statement and five images. Since the artist’s name is included in the text for the page, the name shows up in search engines (priceless!). The affiliation with a respected Guild or Association is also a benefit and can give an artist a more credible URL than a photo album address would. OAG membership is $36/year — so a single page listing would be a $71 investment (for example). I think it’s worth the effort to find out what might already be available with exisiting memberships. And a disclaimer: I build the OAG member pages but maintain the OAG site pro bono. I’m not trying to get business… just wanting to expand the discussion!