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I try hard to keep up with the world of art. Although it’s hard sometimes, I rely heavily on the ArtsJournal and on Google Alerts to keep me posted.

Then there is the issue of registering with each and every newspaper or online journal. What a hassle! To avoid this, use Just type in the URL for the newspaper and they’ll give you a username and password. Be sure to save it when your computer asks if you want to save it and you never have to worry about reentry again.

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5 comments to Art News Online–

  • You’ve done it again. Not only have I gotten semi-literate with RSS, but now I’m off to bug me not to make my info gathering a little less of a hassle. Another favorite of mine is typekey ( from the typepad/six apart folks. It’s a free, open system that provides one central identity for posting comments on weblogs and logging into other websites. If only everything in life were this easy and intuitive!

  • I use firefox ( as my browser and there is a great bugmenot extension for firefox that allows you to just right click in a website’s login form and it fills it in automatically. No need to go to the bugmenot website at all – so one less step to avoid those annoying login hassles.

  • I checked with Lisa and the Firefox extension is at the bottom of the BugMeNot page: It also links to a dialogue (blog) in case you have problems with it. Cool.

  • I think that BugMeNot endorses a kind of theft of service which as copyright holders we should not endorse. If a publisher is willing to give you access to content for free as long as YOU are registered that is a commercial transaction. If a publisher has paid content and a user undermines the distribution of that by passing along the username and password through BugMeNot you may be in violation of the terms of use for their website. I think that anyone who has vested interst in intellectual property should see things like BugMeNot as a threat to their basic right to decide how their content is distributed.

  • Excellent point, Ron. Leave it to you to set me straight. While I try to be extra careful about copyright (not downloading songs without paying, using artists’ images, etc.), I had never before considered this from the publishers’ point of view. Another mea culpa! I would never want to use someone else’s password to gain access to paid content. So, for those of us who (claim we) don’t have time to register to get all of the articles of interest (I mean, how often, really, am I going to read content from Davenport or Little Rock?) . . . you suggest we either buck up and play the game as it was legally intended OR do without the articles? Can’t really argue much with that.