Copyright: More Mea Culpa

In response to my blog entry about, yesterday Ron Diorio added a comment here about his concern for copyright and sites like I think his comments are valuable enough to warrant reprinting them with their own heading. He wrote:

I think that BugMeNot endorses a kind of theft of service which as copyright holders we should not endorse.

If a publisher is willing to give you access to content for free as long as YOU are registered that is a commercial transaction.

If a publisher has paid content and a user undermines the
distribution of that by passing along the username and password through
BugMeNot you may be in violation of the terms of use for their website.

I think that anyone who has vested interst in intellectual property
should see things like BugMeNot as a threat to their basic right to
decide how their content is distributed.

Of course, we all have a vested interest in intellectual property and should take Ron’s advice to heart! Shame on me for not considering the publishers’ copyrighted material.

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