Mea Culpa

I confess: I committed one of the cardinal sins of marketing.

For months I’ve been posting on this blog–without my name anywhere in sight! I’m often chastising artists for Web sites where I can’t find their name easily. And I’ve done it myself.

Marcia Yudkin, who wrote the terrific book 6 Steps to Free Publicity (get it if you don’t have it already!), reminded me of this in her newsletter today. The title was "Don’t Promote Yourself Anonymously." Duh. How can I establish any credibility without a name attached to my writings? I did have the sense to put up a photo. I still can’t figure out how to add my name under my photo, so I’ve added it to the subtitle of the blog.

Are you promoting yourself anonymously? Is your name clearly visible on your Web site home page, in your festival booth, on your promotional materials? Art history is a history of individual names. People like to know the artist’s name. People like to buy the artist’s name. But they won’t know about you if you are in hiding as I was.

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1 comment to Mea Culpa

  • oh dang! guilty as charged!! i need to refresh the look of my blog and post my portfolio anyway…might just buy a domain with my name on it and redirect to my blog~which has no trace of my name on the front page whatsoever! (but then, that’s just my blog…)