Wading Through the Holidays

Gizedgar_1I’ll admit it. I slowed down way more than I had intended over the Thanksgiving holiday. I brought all of this work with me and have my virtual office set up, but the distractions are overwhelming. Not only did I travel with my two cats, but my parents (with whom I’m staying) have 10 cats and a dog. No, they don’t live on a farm. My dad is an amateur (some would say pro!) cat rescuer. Two of his prize catches are above (Gizzy and Edgar).

I’ve heard of other professionals insisting on staying in a hotel room even when visiting family–just to have their own work space. Most of us can’t afford that, but we can set parameters if we intend to get work done.

I always think things will be different next time . . .

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6 comments to Wading Through the Holidays

  • Gizzy and Edgar are really cute.

  • Who’s the cat in the middle ? :)

  • Eek – first glance at that photo and I thought those were stuffed cat heads on the wall. Quick double take on that one! I’ve successfully moved my blog to WordPress as I mentioned I was going to do in a comment here a while back. The move was simple and fairly painless – including importing all of my old posts from blogger into WordPress. But the perfectionist in me is still tweaking the templates to get them exactly like I want. I’ve probably put 20 hours into the project. Definitely worth the effort – I highly recommend WordPress!

  • Tracy

    I know we all have a mountain of work to do (“…the in-box is always full…”). Keep in mind though that in order to be more efficient in your work time, it is necessary to take some time away. Recharge. Reboot.

  • Tracy said it well. While there seems to be glory these days in having such a work ethic that we work day, night, Sunday and holidays as well, we all need rest. Without it I think work actually suffers. So, work well and work hard when you work, but take care of yourself and rest so you are able to work hard and long when necessary. Julie PS the cats are cute and I’d love to see the rest of the house!

  • Okay, I feel so strongly about this, I have to get my two cents worth in, too. Why do we need to work on holidays? While I was actually working an arts & crafts fair this particular holiday weekend (big shopping days!), most weekends I make sure I give myself time off. We really do need our day of rest every seven days, like the Good Book teaches…