More Evidence that You Must Have a Contract

Lucht_060ccEveryone must read Dale O’Dell’s article “A Voice of Experience: Consignment Contracts” in the May issue of Art Calendar magazine. (Thanks for the heads up, Stefanie.)

If you ever had any qualms about needing a written contract when dealing with a contract, this should help you get over it quickly. It details the author’s long fight to recoup money owed to him by a dealer.

Read, too, “Put it in Writing” from the Art Marketing Action newsletter.

Image: Stefanie Graves, Guanajuato Hacienda. Watercolor, 24 x 18 inches. (c) The Artist

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1 comment to More Evidence that You Must Have a Contract

  • Consigning work, especially to a gallery that you cannot visit easily, is a risky business these days. There are so many ‘shysters’ out there that in spite of a written contract, you can still get stung. On one occasion, i had to travel to a boutique and remove my scarves. I camped out in her shop until she gave me a check for what had sold (and it bounced) so I wrote to her bank, sent the check and eventually it was paid. Caveat emptor!