Not the Usual Art Show Postcard

Got a note from Tracy L. Wall who wanted to share this:

I’ve found a great alternative to sending out postcards to patrons on my e-mail list: E-Motions Video Postcards.  Looks so much better than the e-mails I have sent in the past.  I think it’s a simple way to give people a glimpse of my paintings without them having to click, then click, and click and click…. 

The artist sends in a few images along with necessary text, and they send back to you a short video (turnaround time was faster than I expected!).  You, then, can send it on to some or all of your art patrons as an attachment. (Since my patrons are familiar with my e-mail address, they’re not concerned about the attachment.)  They start as low as $60 for your images, music and a template background resulting in a 20-second emailable video postcard.  Custom audio recording (or video) is an additional charge. I thought it was a great buy, and I’ve gotten wonderful responses back from this e-mailing where I haven’t before. 

These can be found on There’s samples to view and choose from, and they’ll try to incorporate any suggestions or ideas you may have.  So far it’s been a great way to help folks keep an eye on my new works.

They can also be reached at (916) 631-7119, or e-mail questions to

See Tracy’s video this month only. (WMV file)

Tracy’s video is 1.3 MB, which is a very large file. I would caution against sending a file this large to anyone who is still on a dial-up connection. I also would say that the teaser to get people to open any attachment is crucial. Don’t just send something with "See attached." Compel people to open whatever you have to show them. Read "Entice Me" from the Art Marketing Action newsletter.

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