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MeierstentwingI finally got to visit the High Museum of Art. This is a fabulous Richard Meier-designed building that opened to rave reviews in 1983 (has it been that long?). In 1991, the American Institute of Architects cited the High as one of the ā€œten best works of American architecture of the 1980s.ā€ It’s the third Meier museum I’ve been in. The Getty and Des Moines Art Center are the other two. All three have elements that bear the architect’s signature–that make a "Meier a Meier." But I’m not an architecture critic, so I’ll move on.Louis

I was most taken with the exhibition "Morris Louis Now." I have never been a fan of Louis. It seems as though his Unfurled series was what was most often acclaimed and reproduced and I didn’t understand the fascination with them. But, dare I say it? WOW! There is very little better than being in a room surrounded by Morris Louis Veils. I had the sense–simultaneously–of being at the bottom of a canyon, at the foot of waterfalls, or in a room full of Medieval tapestries. (Did I mention these babies are really, really big? And he painted them all in a 12×14′ former dining room?) By the way, they were showing excerpts from a film titled "Morris Louis . . . " which was fabulous. I really would like to see that whole documentary–nab it if you get the chance.

Okay, the only thing as good to being with a room full of Veils is a room full of Ellsworth Kellys. Check.

Iā€™m happy now!

Image: Morris Louis, Blue Veil, 1958-59. (Sorry, I had a hard time finding an image and can’t find proper credit for this one. Google Images has this on a Dartmouth page, but I can’t find it on the Hood Museum of Art website.

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