Considering the art print market?

Barney Davey
, author of How to Profit from the Art Print Market, will be my guest next Tuesday for a telesminar with a similar title. Sign up before the call and it’s just $9.95 (including handouts and a recording). It’s $14.95 after the call.

Barney makes a guest appearance on the Art Biz Blog today with this column he first wrote for the Absolute Arts blog:

For visual artists, the print market provides a means to increase their income, develop new collectors and diversify their portfolio while growing awareness for themselves and their work. From Warhol back to Rembrandt, artists have integrated prints into their work.

In today’s competitive market, artists who understand the print market before entering it have a decided edge.

Questions abound for artists considering the print market. Should I self-publish my work or seek a publisher? What medium best suits my work? How do I enter the print market and keep increasing prices on my originals? What resources are necessary to successfully self-publish? How do I go about finding publishers?

These questions need to be carefully considered before committing to a course of action. Studying successful self-published artists reveals similar traits and attributes, including:

  • Talent
  • Art that resonates with a large group of collectors
  • Financing
  • Dedicated and capable marketing personnel (usually in the form of a spouse, relative or close friend)
  • Willingness to prodigiously produce art in the same vein
  • Ambition

Publishers have an unspoken wish list for the ideal artist, which will be expounded upon during the teleseminar. Equally important, no publisher exactly meets all the needs of artists. As with all business agreements a quid pro quo is in evidence in the successful artist-publisher relationship. The most satisfying arrangements are where parties understand and respect the needs of each other and share common goals for art sales.

Today’s print market presents unique challenges and opportunities.Those artists with a vision and passion for their business that is equal to that for their art are the ones most likely to achieve the greatest success.

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  • Wow – sounds fantastic! I wish my long distance would let me hook in – but it won’t. I tried it with one phone conference and it is not allowed. Bummer! I am very interested in this – I guess I can just sign up and then not participate – that would work. Oh good. Thank you for bringing us such great resources! ~ Diane Clancy

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    This Tuesday April 24, I am the guest of the Art Biz Coach, Alyson B. Stanfield. In an hour long Teleseminar, we’ll explore why and how visual artists should capitalize on the print market. If you order prior to the