Audience participation in your art exhibit

As a former museum educator, I was always trying to do everything possible to engage our visitors in an art experience by using more than their eyes. Some artists are helping out the museum educators by doing the hands-on stuff as part of the art installation itself. Check out this article in the NY Times about the Rudolf Stingel exhibit at the Whitney. (Great photos on the slide show.)

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2 comments to Audience participation in your art exhibit

  • Interesting idea–I looked at the slide show. Of course, then I got sucked into looking at some of the other slide shows on there. Another interesting participatory idea was shown in the “Search for Meaning” slideshow–about Frieze-(art fair in Britain)A booth there belonging to Gavin Brown’s Enterprise (a NY gallery) was getting a lot of attention–it was an installation by Rob Pruitt–a flea market. Everyone was shopping! Check it out. Christine

  • Christine: The Times has some wonderful slide shows and terrific photos. Thanks for the other recommendation.