Podcast: Spook yourself with “What if?”

Listen in on this week’s podcast—an audio version of the Art Marketing Action newsletter.

What if? Now, there’s a loaded question. This Halloween, spook yourself with a list of "What ifs.?


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2 comments to Podcast: Spook yourself with “What if?”

  • Judy Korge

    What if: Making the business part of art could be FUN, simpler, colorful…anything other than what I have right now. My painting and business time I want to be well balanced. Help!!!

  • So . . . I wonder how you could make it fun? Frankly, I despise doing my accounting. I try to do it each week at a time that I could have a glass of wine or something at the end. I’m so wrapped up in knots that I crave that reward. That’s more fun to me than waking up to the task on Monday morning.