Policy for Comments

I love hearing what you have to say! And I encourage different insights and opinions. However, this is my blog. I do the best I can and with the best intentions. It’s a free site, but you don’t have to visit. If you want to be hateful to me or to other commentators, please spread your attacks elsewhere. Don’t do it on this blog. Meanness in any situation is bad form and only harms your reputation.

I reserve the right to delete, unpublish, or report mean-spirited or personal attacks–particularly those that are anonymous or from obviously falsified names and email addresses.

The universe is full of good people doing good works. I think I’m one of them. Bad energy just brings the rest of us down.

Disagree! Argue! And give me your honest feedback. But please do it with kindness. That’s what you should expect from me in return.

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4 comments to Policy for Comments

  • Alyson, I read the post about writing a news release and there is one thing I can never quite figure out. Where do I release it? You say on the web, but where and to whom? Sorry if i’ve missed something but this isn’t clear to me. Thanks, Chris Bolmeier

  • Is it legitimate to ask gallery owners for the name and address of those who purchase your art? I like to drop them a note and keep up my mailing list. Some galleries are very protective of these names.

  • Laura

    Hi Alyson, One thing that I’ve not read about and wonder is the ethic of the art leagues and guilds. They are run usually non profit by fellow artist volunteering their time and talents but latley I have been feeling that it’s an environment run by little nasty. How can an artist looking for fellowship, networking and a place to exhibit grow in an place that feeds off of people that think they are better then the art museums. I have personally had to not get so involved because of that kind of behavior it robs me of good creative energies. Well I could go further but I was wondering if you have every looked into the ethics of the art leagues. I think they need some lesson on how to’s Here we are encourage to join them but the end up becoming dictators to our souls for some… I was once told watch out! an art league can stomp on you so don’t beleive all that you hear in them… And I watch people go stale.. how sad. any help for the art leagues and artist that join them. ~v~Laura

  • cat

    I just ordered your book after finding it here. I’ve been following your blog for years. i’m one of those artists with a millions excuses about self marketing. When I saw you had written a book on the subject I had to order it immediately. yeah!