Artist residency in beautiful Colorado in the summer


Colorado Art Ranch Residency  in Steamboat Springs
Posted for:  Grant Pound 303.279.5198

Deadline:  March 1, 2008. 

Applications are being accepted for the Steamboat Springs residency April 24-May 22, 2008. Colorado Art Ranch provides artists and writers with four weeks of living and studio space to work uninterrupted. We encourage emerging artists, as well as established artists, to apply. There may be opportunities to work on ranch land.

Each residency has a mix of 5 to 6 artists and writers. Residents receive free admission to the Artposium and living and studio space for one month. Residents are responsible for travel, food, and an application fee of $30. Artists will be responsible for shipping or removing their own work at the end of the residency. Each resident will get their own room, but may share a bath and cooking facilities. Artists and writers may apply online.

Visit the Web site for more info.

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3 comments to Artist residency in beautiful Colorado in the summer

  • What a wonderful opportunity! Should send lots of people dreaming and preparing their portfolios, letters, etc. Great chance to come to Colorado to paint and/or write! I’ll be in Europe (I know, poor me) so I can’t apply this time but I love knowing about these opportunities. Thanks for the heads up!

  • This sounds awesome. Out of reach for me though, for years, I have too much familial obligations, to take off for a month residency if accepted. Great post.

  • How serendipitous for me to see this in my inbox as I am researching artist residency programs. Thanks Alyson!