Web site is down

ArtBizCoach.com is down this morning and they say it will be "at least 6 hours." My email is even out of commission. (Update: it’s back online and email is pouring in!)

Thoughts on this:

  • Utter frustration.
  • I can’t do anything about it.
  • How many sales am I losing?
  • How many emails are lost forever? This is just one reason why email is unreliable! If you don’t hear from someone, email them again in a few days or call them.
  • Free time!
  • I’m glad I have another email address that works.
  • I can still communicate through this blog, Facebook, and Twitter.
  • I’m glad I backed up EVERYTHING 1.5 weeks ago.
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7 comments to Web site is down

  • Oh dear! Deeeeeep breath. Remember, the world goes on without the internet and one website. You’ll be okay because you’re fab – people will wait. :)

  • Yikes- so frustrating for you! When the power goes out here we are completely helpless. Well, not really but disconnected and floundering. I was terribly inconsistent about backups but I just got a new Macbook Pro which has Time Machine on it. It backs up automatically to a portable hard drive at regular intervals. And it even has 3 usb ports. Way cool Good luck!

  • Wow, you poor thing. I would be a little worried about being down too long because of the search engines. If it does cause a brief hiccup with your google rank don’t sweat it … I am sure you have enough folks linking to you that you will not be off the map long. Tina is right … the world goes on, and you are way too smart to have all your eggs in one basket anyway.

  • Thanks, all! Rebecca: Boy, I didn’t even think about Google ranking. Thanks for giving me something else to worry about. ;)

  • Rebecca

    I have read somewhere that if they spider and can’t find you they do try again. Don’t worry.

  • I’m catching up on your blog posts and just listened to the “Protect Your Art” podcast. You have very effective ways of making people sit up and take notice! I hope nothing was lost. V

  • I couldn’t figure out why I didn’t get my newsletter on Monday. I just thought I must have missed it or something being too busy. I finally decided to search out your blog to see if I missed something. Boy I hope all is ok! I don’t know what I’d do if I lost all my computer info. Sure had fun on Saturday! Thanks again!