Improve your social networking profile

Publicity Hound Joan Stewart is hosting another one of her terrific teleseminars on February 11. I couldn't resist signing up for this one myself.

Can your social networking profile pass the 10-second test?

Joan and her guest expert will discuss:

  • 5 simple things to remember when creating your social networking profile
  • How to tweak a profile so it fits the culture of different sites like Linked In, Facebook and Twitter
  • SEO tips that will generate valuable “Google juice” and draw traffic to your profile pages  
  • Common mistakes even the most experienced professionals are making
  • Examples of great profiles
  • How to write a profile for a niche social networking site
  • You’ll also get a link to a one-hour webinar Nancy is hosting that goes into even greater depth than what we might get into on the call, incluidng more specific examples of profiles.

The teleseminar, MP3 download, electronic transcript and webinar link are $49.95.
Register here

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3 comments to Improve your social networking profile

  • I’m sure I’ll be on the outside with my views on this, and I’m sure the seminar will offer some valuable information, but not everything I do/say/am has a commercial or marketing angle. Sometimes I’m just me — free and clear — and that’s going to have to be enough. If it takes someone 10 seconds to decide it isn’t enough for them, so be it.

  • Nicole, I think this is just for those who want to use it for marketing/professional reasons. I’m attending because I want to make sure I’m projecting the right message–and because I always learn good stuff from Joan’s seminars.

  • Ah! Okay, I think I understand the point of it now. Personally I think what you offer is on-target and valuable — even to dunderheads like me. :-) I’ve learned a lot from this blog and it’s gotten me to think in different ways. Always good to challenge one’s own views. Cheers, Nicole