Podcast: Seize This Opportunity

Now is a good time to send an exhibit proposal to your local museum. Take the lead!

Mentioned in this podcast: Draft a Winning Exhibition Proposal

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3 comments to Podcast: Seize This Opportunity

  • Your podcasts are great Alyson! Many thanks for all your hard work. Lorna

  • Ann

    I couldn’t agree with you more except to say that anytime is a good time to develop relationships with local museum directors/curators and then propose when the time is right. (Now IS good) I have done that a number of times and been rewarded with shows. Not every time but often enough. I have to say I understood a lot more about the workings of a museum once I listened to your artist museum relations CD five or six times. Thanks, Ann

  • Thanks, Lorna. Ann: You’re right. Don’t wait for the perfect time. Just do it now! (I’m glad the CD helped!)