Get Organized online class begins tomorrow–Wednesday, March 25

Time to clean out for spring! Devote time to creating space for your art, your ideas, and your prosperity with the Get Organized class. During this 3 1/2-week long class, you will:

  • Conquer piles
  • Make proper files so you can find stuff!
  • Create e-files–again, so you can find stuff!Go_desktop
  • Become more productive by working your task list
  • Work toward going (mostly) paperless–saving some trees
  • Use your calendar more efficiently
  • Process mail and email so that it doesn't clog up your systems

Weekday lessons, weekends off (unless you need to catch up), and the convenience of logging in to the class whenever it suits your schedule.

Bonus! All class participants will have
access to an amazing teleseminar I held with my personal productivity
consultant, Leslie Shreve. 

Sign up now! There's still room for you.

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2 comments to Get Organized online class begins tomorrow–Wednesday, March 25

  • Just a quick “have fun!” for this. I was going to take it again but major upheaval right now means timing is slightly off (new studio & old studio will become house office – but not quite yet) So I’m excited about my blank slate and will apply the coursework from last year.

    In case anyone reads the comments – I really recommend this class! :)

  • Highly recommend this class. Took it last year and by Fall I was able to handle my holiday rush with ease, even while being short staffed. This month long focus will give you confidence to develop better habits. Alyson is not going to give you any magic formulas, instead she will help you finally start the process … you just have to get started and stick with it. This class will help you. Take this class!

    What I gained:
    Stopped loosing client project tickets under piles, saves me hours every week.
    Started really using the systems I had set up and ignored.
    I stopped beating myself up and realized I was more organized than I thought I was.
    More MENTAL SPACE … for creativity.