Podcast: Pack your presentation with meaningful content

Presentations should be packed with meaningful content for your audience. Start gathering ideas for your presentations from the moment you confirm a gallery talk, lecture, or slide show.

Listen to this week's podcast for tips for compiling and refining presentation content.

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4 comments to Podcast: Pack your presentation with meaningful content

  • I would like to add to Alyson’s great suggestions:
    Don’t be afraid to “think different”.

    Standing up in front of the audience hiding behind the podium, holding on for dear life, talking about your work starting from 1978 in school is boring, Boring, BORING.

    Mix it up! Talk about your work using different themes and focus. Add a few unexpected images or components. Surprise your audience.

    I have actually ironed at an ironing board while giving my artist’s lecture. It fit with the theme of some older work. Believe me, everyone remembered that lecture!

    Last time I gave an artist’s lecture in front of a large audience, I tried a few new experiments. Was I afraid about the audience would think? Absolutely, They didn’t know who I was at all but it worked. I received a standing ovation!

    What can you add to your lecture that will make in memorable?
    Harriete Estel Berman

  • I follow a blog by a guy whose medium is wood. He just did a post listing answers to commonly asked questions. I think it is really well done. The blog is called Wood is Art:

    I’m guessing that by compiling this list of answers, Rob had to think through and articulate his process in a clear and interesting way.

    I’m sure he’ll find this a useful tool in many situations.

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