Bottoms up! It's time for the annual eggnog recipe

Every year about this time I contribute to the delinquency of my readers by posting the annual Bert’s Eggnog Recipe. Why would this year be any different? I’ve already responded to a number of frantic emails: Where’s the eggnog recipe?! I can’t force you to make it or drink it, but I strongly encourage you to do both.

People who have professed to strongly dislike eggnog have been amazed by its deliciousness and, frankly, its power. This is a knock-your-socks-off elixir.

Making the recipe isn’t easy. It requires at least three bowls (one for the yolks, one for the whites, and a third for whipping the cream). I recommend grabbing an elf because you’re going to want four steady hands.

One last piece of advice. Make this the night before you want to serve it. We have it every Christmas MORNING. Yep, morning. The bourbon provides for a nice Christmas-Day nap. Just don’t say you weren’t warned.

Download the recipe.


My mother first made Bert’s Eggnog in 1959, the year she and Dad were married. But my Uncle Charlie had been making it for years. No one knows who Bert is! Mom looked up the recipe in the cookbook and it doesn’t really say.


This recipe has been a part of my Christmases for at least 20 years. We started making it in Crested Butte, Colorado and always on Christmas Eve. After the batch was whipped up, we put it out in the snow overnight. The icy snow makes the nog thicken and the flavors are just that much better in the morning. If you don’t have snow or cold weather, I might suggest a few hours in the freezer. Christmas morning just isn’t Christmas without Bert’s eggnog. (Makes for a nice excuse for an afternoon nap, too!)

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