Art Marketing Action Podcast: Get Back in the Studio and Make Art!

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1 comment to Art Marketing Action Podcast: Get Back in the Studio and Make Art!

  • Hey great podcast. A real kick in the pants – as in, motivation for the artist who is sweating it out because of all the marketing involved in getting their work out there. I like the Seth reference too. His wisdom is golden. It’s true – it’s about doing the work in order for your work to make a difference.

    The marketing is important. But it should be something that feels refreshing at least, or without too much struggle. The thing is… there are so many options and avenues for an artist to travel in regards to marketing, that it has a tendency to become quite immobilising for some – “Gosh, where should I even start?”

    I think your words are spot on. Do the work. If a TRUE artist is honest with him or herself, then they’ll openly agree that the hardest part of being an artist is actually doing the work involved with being an artist.

    Once again, thanks for the pod cast.