Art Marketing Action Podcast: 5 Reasons to Title Your Art

Are you driving traffic to your site wherever you can? Here are fifteen techniques to start the wheels churning in this week’s Art Marketing Action podcast–an audio version of the newsletter/post of the same title.

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3 comments to Art Marketing Action Podcast: 5 Reasons to Title Your Art

  • Apparently I was the first person to ever post a review on your podcast, which surprised me greatly.

    Do I win a lolly pop or something?

  • Stan

    I have just discovered your work, and tried out this podcast (on titling artwork) to assess what value I might find here. Well done! I will probably be buying your book.

    • Stan: I appreciate your finding me and listening to my old podcasts. I really enjoyed doing them for 3.5 years. Now most of my audio is produced for teleseminars and the members of the Artist Conspiracy. They’re a lot livelier!