Art Marketing Action Podcast: Putting Your Art on Sale

Even high-end galleries offer discounts to valued collectors as well as to museums. Artists can have their own sales too with the right strategies in place.

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2 comments to Art Marketing Action Podcast: Putting Your Art on Sale

  • Great subject, Allison. Good guidelines, if you must have a sale. Decisions about pricing and discounting are difficult. I have raised my prices gradually over the years, am still low and contemplating a rather large jump. I offer clients an automatic 10% discount on future purchases, as a benefit of becoming a collector of my work.
    I have held only one sale, as a “salon de garage,” with limited work and was delighted to have two good clients come and purchase older works for their children. In addtion to other sales, and two trades with artists I admire, it was a success for me but I won’t do it again soon. I’ve written a bit about this issue recently in a blog post “It’s not a new toaster.”