Art Too Big? No Such Thing!

I often write about making art big enough to hold your dreams.

I recently attended a talk with Rebecca diDomenico, who was discussing her installation — a cave structure titled Pellucid.

Rebecca diDomenico, Pallucid

Cynthia Morris (r) and me inside of Rebecca diDomenico's installation, Pellucid. Artwork ©The Artist.

Pellucid was built in her large living room over the course of a year, but she didn’t think much about how she was going to get it out of her home and into the museum.

She said: You find a way.

It wasn’t the first time she had worked on such a large scale.

When she realized that the component umbrellas for an installation were too big to put in her car, diDomenico organized an umbrella walk through Boulder to deliver them to the Boulder Museum of Contemporary art.

The umbrella installation was no longer just a sculpture. It was a performance piece that united members of a community.

Are you holding back and hanging on to small ideas?

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