Stop! Don’t Send Your Email Message Before Reading This

Before sending your promotional email message, stop.
Review this list.

✓ Write a subject line that is more interesting than “Art Update.”

✓ Use a salutation. Type out “Dear xxx” or just “XXX – “. Your email is distinguished from spam when you address people by their names.

Make it personal. Don’t start your emails with a plea or request. Tell me why I should stick around and listen to your plea or request. Give me a reason to care.

Having said that . . .

✓ Get to the point. Don’t waste the recipient’s time.

✓ Use short paragraphs, bullet points, and lots and lots of spacing to ensure that your important points stand out. Your email should be scannable, just like this post.

See how much space I’ve added to this post to keep your attention? You can apply this rule to your blog posts, too.

I shouldn’t have to say this, but apparently I do.

✓ Even if you are sending an attachment that has your announcement in it (such as a scan of an invitation), you must include text in the body of the email. The text encourages people to open the attachment.

✓ Identify your city or town. This check mark was inspired by a message in my inbox just last night. The announcement was for an exhibit. The two cross streets were listed for the venue, but no city. And it wasn’t my hometown.

Don’t make your recipients do extra work or guess.

✓ Sign your name! Your full name. Especially if there’s any chance that the recipient won’t be able to place you.

What did I forget?

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