Best of the Art Marketing Action Podcasts

While the Art Marketing Action podcast was closed down last fall, there are still 189 episodes on iTunes. To my amazement, more and more artists continue to find these old, but still relevant, audio programs.

Maybe some of them will speak to you.

A few juicy ones

These are 5 of the best episodes (IMO) you can look up quickly on iTunes or click on the title next to the episode to listen on this blog.

Episode 27: Open Yourself to Possibility (practice saying Yes)

Episode 9: Get Better Results with a Personal Plea (personalize your email)

Episode 44: Exceed Expectations (in every way)

Episode 60: Believe in Your Art (you can’t sell something you don’t believe in)

Episode 94: Offer an Upgrade (yes, you can upsell your art!)

Do you have a favorite Art Marketing Action podcast episode?



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