Look Like a Whiz on Facebook & Twitter

(This content is mostly outdated.)

It’s not very easy to find out little secrets about how things work on Facebook and Twitter.

Here are a few things I’ve learned that have made me feel more confident in my presence on those sites.

Art Biz Coach on Facebook


  • The photo strip on the top of your Facebook page and profile consists of images that are 97 pixels wide and 68 pixels high.
  • Manual posts outrank automated posts.


  • Create a custom Twitter background to show off your art on your profile page. Your design in the left column of your Twitter background should be about 200 pixels wide.
  • When your tweet begins with an @Name, it is seen only in the streams of people who are following both you and the @Name.

What secrets have you learned that have made you feel like you know what you’re doing on Facebook and Twitter?

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