Who are you?

We’re not Google, Facebook, or Apple.

We’re not privy to your clicks, your private address book, or your Likes.

You’re going to have to tell us!

We Want to Know

Enterprising Artist Survey

How are you selling your art? How are you making ends meet?

I’ve signed up to help distribute The Enterprising Artist Survey and I’d love for you and all Art Biz Blog readers to have your voices heard.

All participants will receive a summary of the results (when you leave your email address for notification). If you’d like your name mentioned on the Right Brain Rockstar website, you can leave your website or Twitter URL.

You have until the end of the month, but why wait? Do it now before it’s too late and you aren’t counted.

Click here to start the survey. It should take 10 short minutes.

Thank you!


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13 comments to Who are you?

  • Hmm, I started filling it in but then it turned out be mostly blatant marketing research, and my hope of actually helping to provide information that would in the end be useful to me and others like me plummeted. I don’t feel the posting about the survey is honest about the degree to which it is market research. I feel used.

    • I’m sorry you feel that way, Oona. I asked outright: “Who are you?” and said we want to know about you. It will help us understand what artists need. If that’s market research (and I’m certainly no expert), then I guess we’ll call it that.

      What kind of survey were you hoping for?

  • Jacqueline Webster

    That stuff at the end was just demographics-nothing misleading about it-plus giving personal info was completely optional. Marketing stuff usually has to do with specifics of household income, buying habits, etc. I doubt you will be hunted down by marketing firms looking to sell you something.

  • Hi Alyson,
    I completed the survey for our little four person handmade fine jewelery shop (Father/Son designers/metalsmiths, Mom lapidary, and Me, the Fiance, marketing) as best as I could when answering as one person for four. We own our own gallery and have sold our handmade jewelery there for over 35 years; it’s a full time job for all four of us.

    Thanks for promoting this, I felt it was well designed and I look forward to the results!

  • Took the survey and look forward to the results- did not even take 10 minutes….was interesting. Hope to learn some good information from this. Thanks!

  • Done. I’ll be interested to see what the results are, particularly where people’s sales are coming from and what social media they are using.

  • I liked the survey. There are studies for so many other careers/businesses – it’s great to get input about what other artists find important! Thanks!

  • Just found your website and tried to complete the survey, unfortunately it’s now closed. I specialise in marine life art and am interested in marketing online. I would be interested in the results if they are available. Thanks

  • Dan

    Thank you all for taking the survey, and thanks to Alyson for helping to spread the word! The results have now been analysed and you can read about them and download a report from http://rightbrainrockstar.com/uncategorized/survey-roundup/