I Recommend These Services for Your Art Business

In the beginning months and years of Art Biz Coach, I thought of my services as a one-stop shop. Bad idea. It’s never a good idea to try to be everything because you then become known for nothing.

Over the years, I have learned to work to my strengths, which include helping artists with foundational marketing pieces like building mailing lists, nurturing relationships, and improving professional presentation.

Artists usually begin with my Art Biz Bootcamp before we get into a private client relationship that helps them personalize their strategies. In addition, I am very good at helping artists improve their systems and productivity. This is why I teach Organize Your Art Biz.

Lisa, Alyson and Janice

Lisa Call, me, and Janice McDonald at the Denver Art Museum.

Regarding other business services for artists, I am happy to have had long-standing relationships with the following people. I consider them to be my team of experts. We’re partners in helping you share your gifts with more people, and I confidently recommend each of them.

Maria Brophy

Contact Maria if you’d like a second set of eyes to review your contract or her input on a proposal. She prides herself as a dealmaker. You can also talk with her about relationships with licensing agents.

Kim Bruce of Artbiz

Kim owns Artbiz.ca (no relation to ArtBizCoach.com) and is a wiz at helping artists create beautiful WordPress websites and blogs. You can do it yourself with her tutorials or hire her to do it all for you.

Lisa Call

With Barney Davey in Scottsdale, Arizona.

With Barney Davey in Scottsdale, Arizona.

Lisa’s numerous online classes for the creative side of the art business have received raves from her students. I frequently recommend her “Working in Series” class to students who are struggling to build a portfolio. I put her under business services because you won’t have an art business until you’ve created a strong body of work.

Barney Davey

Barney knows the market for digital prints and reproductions. In fact, he wrote the book on it! Go to Barney for his expertise in that area.

Carolyn Edlund of ArtsyShark

With all of her experience in retail, Carolyn is my go-to person for artists who want to wholesale their work. She also knows sales speak and sales techniques.

Paul Klein of Klein Artist Works

When you want in on what goes on in the upper tiers of the art world, Paul’s your guy. Klein Artist Works offers a broad array of over 250 live, hour-long webinars with art world experts.

Janice McDonald Design

Visual communication is a talent that is very different from fine art. Most artists make lousy graphic designers. You should stick to your genius and get help with your marketing material design.

Janice is a fabulous collage artist with training as a graphic designer. When my designer went AWOL on me last year, Janice helped me pick up the pieces.

Alyson Stanfield and Cynthia Morris

Hamming it up with Cynthia Morris at Chipotle.

Cynthia Morris of Original Impulse

Every so often, one of my clients wants to write a book, and that’s when I send them to Cynthia, the coach who held my hand throughout the writing of I’d Rather Be in the Studio. Cynthia is an amazing writing coach and supportive friend.

Tara Reed of Art Licensing Info

When I first met Tara back in 2009 in Portland, she was starting to consult in art licensing. Now she has an entire empire! Her site has a wealth of info products for learning the licensing business. She can help you package your work for licensing.

Patricia J. Velte of WhiteWing Design

Pat is my Web guru and has built websites for too many of my clients to count. I’ve been working with Pat since 2003 and do everything in my power to keep her happy because I’d fall apart if she ever left me.

Debby Williams and Alyson Stanfield

With Debby Williams at Rehoboth Beach – after an Art Biz Coach workshop.

Debby L. Williams of Art Biz Coach

If you’ve attended my live events, you may have met Debby. I am delighted that she has agreed to expand her presence at Art Biz Coach. With a experience in the art world unequaled in its variety, Debby is now offering help with artist statements, bios, résumés, proposals, letters, and other services related to your professional presentation. Click here to ask for Debby’s help.

Who Are Your Partners?

It takes a village to build an art business, and you are lucky that there are so many people ready to help. This is a very different atmosphere than when I started Art Biz Coach in 2002.

I know you’ll be in good hands should you need help with any of these services. (None of these are affiliate links.)

Who are your partners?

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