Art Marketing Review

Artists should conduct a marketing review to evaluate methods they are using to sell or gain recognition for their art.

Increase Business with Testimonials

Artists who are teaching classes and workshops, accepting commissioned work, and competing for public art projects can increase business with a powerful testimonial.

How to Launch a New Website or Blog

Launching a website or blog involves more than just building content, publishing it, and then telling everyone about it. You need to entice and pique the curiosity of site visitors.

Join the Conversation on Social Media

Hagit Shahal, Woman with Nailclipper. Hard ground etching with aquatint

Why sit back and wait to hear from a gallery, curator, arts writer, art center or museum when you can connect through Web 2.0? Join the conversation with galleries and other art world types through social media. Become a valuable contributor to the dialog.

11 Fast Website or Blog Fixes

Gloria Lamson, Falling Apart and Coming Together. Installation includes jigsaw puzzle pieces and teabags

Creating an entirely new website or blog is overwhelming. Tweaking what you already have is easier! Implementing even a couple of these 11 ideas will make a big dent in the way your website functions.

Do It So Good That You Don’t Doubt Yourself Anymore

J'Nell Jordan, Ten-twenty-five. Oil and acrylic on masonite

A certain level of doubt can be useful motivation for your art career. Dwelling in doubt can be debilitating. Conquer the doubt. In my experience, it doesn’t matter whether others believe in you or not. What matters is that you believe in yourself.

The Second Step to Getting an Assistant

If you want to grow a profitable art business, you can’t do everything yourself. The key to finding the perfect team to help you out is identifying which tasks could be managed by someone else. Hiring an assistant will bring you peace of mind that will allow you to focus on your art.

Putting Your Art on Sale

Michael Newberry, Himalayan Flight, oil on linen

Even high-end galleries offer discounts to valued collectors as well as to museums. Artists can have their own sales, too, with the right strategies in place. Follow these 8 tips.

Meet New People (Before You Ask for Anything)

You must keep meeting new people–those who can help with your art career and enrich your life. It’s easier than ever to meet people, but it requires effort.

Drive More Traffic to Your Website

You can’t just build a website and wait for the traffic to pick up. You have to encourage visits consistently. Here are 15 techniques that I use to get people to click on my website. Use them to start the wheels churning.