Being Heard Above the Noise

Dawn Brose-Jerome, One Step at a Time. Watercolor on paper.

You not only need ideas for your art, but also for content in newsletters, blog posts, and social media updates. It’s an ongoing process to refine content in order to be heard above the noise.

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Optimize Your Time

Harriete Estel Berman

Stop saying you don’t have enough time. It’s exhausting to hear that excuse over and over again, and you’re wasting time just thinking or saying those words. They’re unproductive.

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Give – and Claim – Credit

Leslie Parke, Tracks

In order to receive credit for your art, you must add credit lines wherever it is shown – online or in person. This means including your name and ©date with every image on your website, blog, Facebook, Flickr, . . .

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Look Like a Whiz on Facebook & Twitter

Art Biz Coach on Facebook

It’s not very easy to find out little secrets about how things work on Facebook and Twitter. Here are a few things I’ve learned that have made me feel more confident in my presence on those sites.

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Collaborate & Advocate on Behalf of Your Art


Even if the proclamation of National Arts & Humanities Month is for the U.S., we know that national boundaries are fuzzier because of the Internet. We feel a kinship with artists around the globe. I ask you to spend time this month on these two actions: collaborating and advocating.

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Photo Ideas to Shake Up Your Online Presence

Michelle Wermuth Photography

It’s easier to make connections online when you have good photographs. I know I’m relentlessly preaching the value of good language, but don’t neglect excellent photos. And I’m not just talking about photos of your art.

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Rework Your Artist Statement with 3 Answers

David Bender sculpture

Aside from your contact list, your artist statement is your most useful marketing tool. You will use language from your statement for wall labels, brochure text, website text, informal presentations, conversations and more.

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5 Reasons to Use Real Mail

If you are one of the many artists who has given up on real mail in favor of using email to stay in touch, it’s time to rethink that strategy. Real mail offers many features that email cannot replicate.

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PEARLS of Social Media Wisdom

It’s not just you. Everyone is overwhelmed by all of the options for online marketing. In today’s Art Marketing Action newsletter, I provide PEARLS of social media wisdom. Here’s a sneak peek.

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Enlist Help Promoting Your Art

Non-art venues like restaurants, coffee shops, and bank lobbies can be challenging for sales, but there are plenty of people willing to help you promote your art. Here are 5 ways you can nurture a quiet army of fans on your behalf.

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