Warning: Exhibiting Your Art is Good for You

Kathy Knaus takes some pride in seeing her work Joni IV on exhibit in a Denver gallery.

The Internet is an amazing tool, but it can never replace encountering a real work of art. Exhibiting your art allows you to have a dialogue with people about the work. You can’t help but learn and grow from these experiences.

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Go Ahead and Spoil the Surprise

Margret Short: The Tears of Fernad

Consider posting online previews of your work before an opening, but remember – you don’t have to reveal all of the work in a show at once, nor do you have to reveal it to everyone.

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Don’t Trust Social Media Alone to Deliver Your Important Message

©2010 Cheryl Laube, Why. From the "Being Woman” Series III. Archival digital print.

You must use all of the weapons in your marketing arsenal to get attention. Don’t trust one marketing method to deliver an important message. You need a combination – a 1, 2, 3 PUNCH!

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15 Steps to Take After Completing Your Artwork

Kerry Thompson, Café Friends Nursery

What do you do when you finish an artwork? If you have a hard time remembering all of the steps, here’s a system that you can follow upon completion of each piece.

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Are your systems flawed?

filing system

Systems don’t work by themselves. You have to work the systems. To enact a new system, start with the desired result.

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Real Live Art

Tatiana Garmendia, “Epic Ink Drawings” installation view.

Every time you show your art to someone, you add new layers of meaning to the work because viewers bring their experiences to an appreciation of it.

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Feel Better About the M Word

Carolin Peters, Mind, Body, Spirit

Marketing. There’s something about that word that shakes us up. Marketing is something that direct-mailers and telemarketers do. They didn’t teach marketing in art school and you certainly won’t read about it in art history books or artist biographies.

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Thank You for Your Inspiration

Colleen Attara, Alyson, and Heather Davulcu

Thank you to my readers! I do what I do because I believe that art should have an elevated role in our crazy world, and art wouldn’t exist without artists.

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Distinguish Great from Good Content

Audrey Phillips, Ray of Hope.

Whether you’re writing for a blog or a newsletter, spend extra time on subject lines and titles, images, links, and your call to action.

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Being Heard Above the Noise

Dawn Brose-Jerome, One Step at a Time. Watercolor on paper.

You not only need ideas for your art, but also for content in newsletters, blog posts, and social media updates. It’s an ongoing process to refine content in order to be heard above the noise.

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