8 Time-Saving Tips for Your Inbox

Fed up with the hundreds of messages in your inbox? Here some proven ideas for getting a grip on your email without having to pull out your hair.

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Stop Waiting for People to Sign Up

Jessica Pisano, Sunset Marsh. Acrylic and gold leaf on black-and-white photograph.

Your contact list, where you store all of the people you know or would like to know, is your #1 asset. Be proactive in building your contact list. You can start with any one of these 5 steps.

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Reminders for Your Art Biz

Emily Clarke, Showing a Little Leg

It’s easy to get caught up in the tsunami of advice, marketing tools, and social media messages. Take time to remember what is most important. It’s the annual Memorial Day issue of the Art Marketing Action newsletter. Slow down and make sure you’re on track with these reminders.

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Go Make Art

Mira M. White, Who Wears the Hat? Mixed media on museum board

Are you devoting enough time to the studio? Without your art, you have nothing to promote and share with the world.

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High-Quality Connections on Twitter

The Twitter interface has some cool features, such as Who to Follow and Browse Interests, to help you find the best tweeps to follow. High quality tweeps = potential high-quality connections.

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How (and Why) to Tag People on Facebook

Lois Primeau post with tag on Facebook

Tagging people on Facebook to brag about their art, to gush about their book or to help promote their upcoming event, can make you fast friends. Just be sure you link to business pages rather than personal profiles.

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Once Is Never Enough in Marketing

Whenever you’re tempted to think that telling someone something once is enough, stop and remember this story I’ve shared. Then repeat this mantra to yourself: Once is never enough.

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Support Your Goals with a Creativity Brief

The structure of a Creativity Brief helps artists define, in detail, the major components of their project and provides a blueprint to take action. Defining, in detail, the major components of your project gives you a blueprint to take action. You don’t worry about your next step(s) because it’s all mapped out for you.

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Quick Blog Fixes

Whenever you visit Debbie Gonville Miller's blog, you get a feel for her art instantly.

Spring cleaning is not just for your house or yard. You can do the same for your blog with these 5 easy fixes.

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7 Ways to Establish That Your Art Has Value

Alyson Champ, Omelette. Oil on linen.

Whether or not you have a sales track record for your art, practice these 7 ideas whenever you can in order to establish value for your art and to gain confidence in your work.

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