Art Marketing Action + Podcast: Decide What Your Year Will Look Like

Decide how you will show up in the New Year. Choose the decisions that resonate with you, write them down, and post them in a highly visible place. At the same time, understand your motives for the decisions. Why did you make these decisions? There must be reasons for your choices.

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Art Marketing Action + Podcast: Give a Gift from the Heart

If you’re too caught up in trying to promote and sell your art, now is a great time to take a break. Invoke the spirit of the season. Slow down, open your heart, and think of others this week. Here are five ways to give the gift of generosity.

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Art Marketing Action + Podcast: Celebrate Your Accomplishments

Susan Robertson, Tridor. Ceramic sculpture. ©The Artist

You’ve been going at it all year! “Do this, try that,” I advise. You do. You try. But then you look back at that task list and become discouraged. The tasks keep multiplying. Hold it! There will always be more to do. Take time to write down your accomplishments for the past year.

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Art Marketing Action + Podcast: Think Before You Tweet

Is your tweet music to the ears of your Twitter followers? Or is it hitting a sour note–contributing to virtual noise pollution?

It’s easy to tweet about anything you’re doing at the moment, but I contend–regardless of what anyone else says–that we don’t have a lot of patience with tweets that are too personal. If you’re tweeting to build relationships and business, keep your personal tweets to a minimum. These include: “I need to get a haircut,” “It’s snowing!” and “Good morning Twitter followers!” (If all of your followers are friends and family, you’re free to ignore this advice.)

The best tweets are worth retweeting and/or add value to the conversation. Let’s look at five tweet types (Can I call them twypes???) that are more likely to hit a high note.

Matthew Kowalski, Incandescents. Oil, acrylic, on canvas, 23

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Art Marketing Action & Podcast: Schedule a preview of your art

Did you ever consider that inviting your fans into your (or someone else’s) home could be a reward in itself? It could be your way of saying Thank You for their support. Follow the example of artist Janice Mason Steeves. Instead of planning a sale, you could schedule a preview.

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Art Marketing Action: Accept My Gratitude

To kick of this week of Thanksgiving, just a quick post to thank you for being part of the online community at the Art Biz Blog and on I could never have dreamed up this job and I am so grateful for its rewards.

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Art Marketing Action: Post Your Statement Strategically

Karen Hubacher, Playground 3. Wire sculpture, 10 x 20 x 16 inches. ©The Artist

I’m not crazy about artist statement links in the main navigation menu of a website because most people have no idea what a statement is or why they would want to click on a link titled “Statement.” The best place for your statement is next to the artwork that it relates to.

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Art Marketing Action: Hone Your Artist Statement

Your artist statement should be organic. Allow it to grow and change. You wouldn’t allow your artwork to stagnate, would you? Likewise, using old words to describe new ideas doesn’t make sense. Get that statement out and start honing it.

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Outline a social media mission

Judith HeartSong, Summer Pears. Acrylic on canvas, 30 x 40 inches. ©The Artist

Creating a mission the social media platforms you choose will help you understand how and when you should use them. It will also keep you from going stark raving mad from overwhelm.

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Art Marketing Action: Prepare for the holidays

It’s time to make some decisions about the holidays. The first big decision: Will you send holiday cards or not? Here are some pointers to get you started so you’re not frantically throwing them together at the last minute.

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