Fine-Tune Your Artist Presence on Facebook

Frances Vettergreen - Facebook

Does your Facebook presence show your friends and fans that you’re going places with your art? Here are 4 quick things you can use to improve your professional presence on Facebook. [...]

Benefits of Last-Minute Marketing

David Hiltner, Large Silo Jar. Clay.

Last-minute marketing can be a benefit when promoting a sale, product or event, but only if you have put all of the right pieces into place first. When I don’t bother with the extra push, my enrollment is smaller, my sales are lower, and fewer people benefit from what I have to offer. [...]

The Art Collector Next Door

There will be times when you come across people attracted to your art that don’t conform to your notion of an ideal patron. Don’t wipe them off your radar because you think they’re not potential buyers. Embrace them! [...]

Make Room for Success: De-clutter

Clutter steals your attention away from more important matters. Spend the month of August clearing out, cleaning up, and making room for your success! [...]

The Secret to Attracting More Fans for Your Art

The benefit of educating people how to view your art not only empowers people with a new skill and appreciation for art, but also leads to more fans. Teach people how to look at your art. [...]

Complete your Google Profile

Google is taking another stab at the world of social networking with Google+ (a.k.a. G+). It only takes 15 minutes of time to upgrade your Google presence. [...]

Is it okay to add people to your email list?

Confused about when it is okay to add people to your email list? Here are the rules for what’s okay and what’s absolutely not okay to add names to a bulk email list. [...]

Week 26 Income Check-up

As this week marks the halfway point in the year, it is a good time to sit down with your income goals for the year and evaluate how you’re doing. What did you do that worked? If something didn’t work, consider alternatives that would yield higher profits or better results. [...]

Your Marketing Strategy

A marketing strategy involves more than just having a website, starting a blog or setting up social media accounts. It is a thoughtful plan for putting your art in front of more people and engaging potential audiences. [...]

Drive More Traffic to Your Site

Ann Brauer, Out of the Earth. Art quilt.

Wondering how to drive more traffic to your site? Use enticing language in your newsletter, email blast, Facebook update, or tweet to encourage blog visits and create more meaningful connections. [...]