Quick! 4 Lists to Review in IRBITS

I'd Rather Be in the Studio Book

I think of IRBITS as a reference book, but some people read it cover to cover and never look at it again. I’d like for that to change. There is plenty of face-saving information between the covers that you shouldn’t miss. Here are four to review right away (all page numbers are from 2011 edition). 1. General Guidelines for Writing Your Artist Statement [...]

The Month Ahead at Art Biz Coach

I thought I’d let you in on some of the things that are happening in the Art Biz Coach offices over the next 30 days. [...]

How Evernote Can Save Your Relationships with Collectors

Database/spreadsheet programs for artists can be complex and clunky. Guest blogger Laurie McCarriar outlines 5 ways to use Evernote, a free app for Mac, PC & mobile devices, to cultivate collectors. [...]

Art Biz Workshops in Texas and Illinois This Fall

I’ll be in Midland, Texas on September 21 and 22, 2012 and Naperville, Illinois on October 29 and 20, 2012 for art business workshops that are open to artists of all stripes. [...]

Attracting Crowds at the Coffee Shop

Like many of us, Barbara McKee gets cabin fever and just needs to get out of her home studio. About 3-4 times a week, she packs up her watercolors and heads to the local coffee shop – to paint. The biggest advantage is meeting new people. The bonus advantage is that no cats are around to paw at her water or get hair in her work. [...]

9 Art Podcasts You Should Follow

Guest blogger Richard Slechta discusses that an often overlooked, but extremely rich resource for art inspiration and education, are podcasts. Richard shares his 9 top choices for art podcasts. [...]

Celebrating My 10 Year Anniversary

Ten years ago today I sent out my first newsletter. It’s been going out every week since then. Today I quietly celebrate the 10-year anniversary of Art Biz Coach. Thank you for being here with me. [...]

Tax-deductible Crowdsourced Funding through Artspire

Launched last fall by the New York Foundation for the Arts (NYFA), Artspire.org is a new community website that empowers individual artists and organizations anywhere in the country to support their work with tax-deductible contributions while building entrepreneurship and creating a robust social network of supporters. [...]

Who are you?

Enterprising Artist Survey

I’ve signed up to help distribute The Enterprising Artist Survey and I’d love for you and all Art Biz Blog readers to have your voices heard. [...]

10 Things to Know Before You Throw Your Hat in the Art Licensing Arena


So you’ve heard about art licensing and think it sounds amazing! You can create art and have several people pay you for the rights to use it. ou don’t have to do any of the marketing, selling or credit card processing. Heck, you’ve heard about people who make millions doing it so why shouldn’t you? Well… it’s not that easy. [...]