Artists’ Day Jobs – What’s Yours?

On my Facebook page, I asked people what their day jobs were to help supplement their art income. We have a farmer, medical professionals, engineers, personal trainers, full-time moms, and many other colorful positions. Tell us what you do.

Fakes that Fool the Experts :: Deep Thought Thursday

If a purported masterpiece fools even the experts, why is it worth less after it’s discovered to be a fake? It’s the same painting as it was the day before. Yet it’s worth millions less on the market. Is it fair?

Art Marketing Action Podcast – Remember to Persevere

Audio version of the newsletter. Remember to persevere. If you believe in what you do, invest in your future and persevere. I believe persistence is the number one reason most artists succeed.

Get a Grip on Why People Buy Art

David Hilton, You're Sure? (Old Faithful, Yellowstone National Park). Oil on canvas

Your art isn’t for everyone. Once you understand this, you’ll have an easier time finding the people who appreciate your work. Here are six reasons why some art might be selling better than yours.

Art Marketing Action Podcast – Get a Grip on Why People Buy Art

Audio version of the newsletter. Your art isn’t for everyone. Once you understand this, you’ll have an easier time finding the people who appreciate your work. Likewise, the more you get your art out into the world, the more you’ll be able to direct your marketing message to the people who were meant to see it.

Selling Art: An Oversimplified History

Artists used to depend on the Church and wealthy church patrons (whose souls needed saving!) to make a living. Then they relied on galleries. Today, anything goes. Artists can make their livings in so many different ways. See what I mean?

Selling art into a headwind

Eric Sparre

The economic downturn has made the already challenging proposition of pursuing artistic work as a full time profession even more difficult. This means that you, the professional artist, need to increase your ability to be self reliant. What does that mean? Simple, you need to be the driving force behind marketing and selling your work.

Deep Thought Thursday: Art & consumerism

Art is often considered a luxury. Most people don’t need it to survive, but enjoy having it around. Are art sales going to take a beating whenever anti-consumerism is on the rise?

Art Marketing Action: Control your art market

You have your own art market. You can control when, how, and for how much you sell your art. Here are six ways to make sure your art market doesn’t take a nosedive.

Decoding a dire message about the art market

It’s safe to read dire predictions about the art market and know that they have very little to do with you and your own personal art market.