So You Don’t Feel Like Marketing

Pouting Kid

Remember when you were a kid and your mom asked you to clean your room or to pick up your toys? Remember the wrath that was imposed upon you when you replied to her request with a whiny “But I don’t feel like it, Mom”? It’s time to ask yourself if you’re being your same childlike stubborn self when it comes to marketing your art. Are you avoiding too many marketing tasks because you “don’t feel like it?” [...]

Implementing Is Worlds Beyond Knowing

Artists' Books

I start my live workshops and online classes by asking participants to monitor their thoughts. Alarms should go off whenever they find themselves thinking “Yeah, I already know that.” These are dangerous words – primarily because they are often used in place of action. [...]

13 Truths About Marketing Your Art

1. No one can promote your art more effectively than you. No one knows it better than you and no one cares about your success more than you. 2. If you don’t believe it can happen, it won’t. [...]

Top 10 Marketing Advice Newsletters from Art Biz Coach

In celebration of the 10th anniversary of the Art Marketing Action Newsletter, here are the top 10 marketing advice articles from Art Biz Coach. Includes writing, blogging, exhibiting, and more. What’s #1 ? [...]

Your Marketing Strategy

A marketing strategy involves more than just having a website, starting a blog or setting up social media accounts. It is a thoughtful plan for putting your art in front of more people and engaging potential audiences. [...]

Art Marketing Review

Artists should conduct a marketing review to evaluate methods they are using to sell or gain recognition for their art. [...]

Deep Thought Thursday: Mistakes


Podcast: Show a little love to your community

Valentine’s Day is a perfect excuse to do something special for your VIPs.

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The Cultivate Your Connections class has been rolled into Art Biz Bootcamp.

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Of sharks and tribes


100 days, 100 paintings, 100 dollars each

This is what I’m talking about! Don’t do what other artists are doing. Add a twist!

Artist Brian Kliewer likes the “painting a day” phenomenon, but (and this is my take with my words) that’s getting kind of old. We like NEW ideas!

Instead of just doing a painting a day, Brian is promoting 100 Paintings in 100 Days for $100 each. And the response  has been outstanding. Check out all of the red dots for yourself.

Image ©Brian Kliewer, Nosing In. Someone better grab this before I do. I love Brian's white-belt cattle!

How can you add a twist to something that’s been around for awhile and make it fresh–make it yours?

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