The Mythological Artist Rep

Tracy Miller represents herself and other artists through her gallery in Manitou Springs, Colorado.

If you become an effective artist rep, the world is your oyster. Many artists will be knocking at your door. You might find them lining up in the comments here. And I will want to interview you to see how you made it happen. I’m not saying it can’t happen. I’m just skeptical. [...]

Five Realities of Art Licensing

Tara Reed Products

So you have heard about this thing called “art licensing” and it sounds pretty good! You can earn income by licensing the same art to multiple manufacturers to use on different products. “Sounds great!” you think. “Where do I sign up!” you ask. “Hold onto your paintbrushes!” I say. Before you start putting a lot of time and energy thinking about the dream that is art licensing, you need to understand the reality of how to succeed in the industry. [...]

What Galleries Should Expect From Artists At Openings

Vanessa Turner Art

As a gallery artist, you have a responsibility to help commercial gallerists sell your art. Last week I wrote about the galleries’ responsibility to you at an exhibition opening. Now let’s talk about your role. What should galleries expect of you and from you at an opening? Above All . . . Ask a lot of questions. [...]

7 Rs For Finding A Gallery For Your Art

©Ruth Soller, Blossoming Crabapples, oil, 8x10. Used with permission.

Does the idea of approaching a gallery make you tremble in your boots? Guest blogger Ruth Soller shares her 7 step process that has earned representation for her in two new galleries this year – alongside nationally known artists. [...]

Pointers on Wall Labels for Your Art Exhibit

Approach the making of the labels you place next to your artwork with thoughtfulness and common sense. At a bare minimum, your wall labels should include your name, object title, and media/support/technique. A retrospective of your work should also include the dates. [...]

What is your opinion of co-op galleries?

Deep Thought Thursday: What do you think of co-op galleries? Why? What has informed the opinion you have? [...]

Is the gallery system weak? < Deep Thought Thursday

The Art Newspaper recently reported that the gallery system is structurally weak. How are your galleries doing? [...]

Reframe How You Think About Galleries

You may think that galleries, curators, and critics have the power. And they do. They have as much power as you give them. You’re in charge of your career. It’s the first of the 6 Principles of No-Excuse Self-Promotion. [...]

Thinking of opening a gallery space?

The most important lesson guest blogger Kesha Bruce learned from opening a gallery was that a gallery is not a substitute for using your contact list and taking care of your biggest supporters. [...]

Approaching Art Galleries: Selling Yourself

How to Approach Galleries

Guest blogger and gallerist Maren Bargreen says “Artists of all levels of talent and experience don’t know how to approach galleries. It’s a rampant annoyance in our industry, and one issue that is easily solved.” Advice for how artists can avoid mistakes and bruised egos. [...]