Podcast: Ask for sponsorship

Interested in having a sponsor for your art opening or event? Listen to learn about specific steps to take when presenting sponsorship opportunities to people and businesses that want to be in front of your audience.



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From the Vault: Donating your art

This is the weekly feature where I group things together for you and highlight the best of the Art Biz Blog, the Art Marketing Action newsletter, and my products. Today, it’s about donating your art.

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Deep Thought Thursday: Organizations

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Podcast: Nurture your community

Community is different from audience–and more valuable to you. Listen to find out why.



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Nurture your community

When we think about creating, we usually consider it to be a one-way conversation: the creator speaks, writes, paints, sculpts, dances, etc. and we listen, read, or view. But as a former museum educator, I have always believed that the viewer (or consumer) completes every work of art. Each person who views and shares an artwork adds a new layer of meaning to that work. You, as the artist, can decide whether or not the interpretations are valid, but

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Donating art to a favorite cause

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Arts in education study proves what some of us already knew

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October 25 is International Artist Day

October 25 has been declared International Artist Day by a group of artists who thought wisely that artists needed their own special day. Not coincidentally, it’s also Picasso’s birthday. Is it on your calendar? How will you celebrate? Here are some suggestions they give you on their Web site.

1. Have the Mayor of your city proclaim this day, October 25th, as International Artist Day every year.

2. For a visual exposure have your

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Donation schmomation

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Podcast: Donate your art prudently

You can’t give to every good cause. Set your parameters.



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