Your Unsexy But Mandatory Business Foundation

peery house

A house in our neighborhood was recently rebuilt so that it looks nothing like before. It began as a bird’s-nest house – sitting on top of stilts nestled against the hillside. The owners decided to build around the stilts and (wisely) gain a ground-floor entry. Foundations aren’t what you see when you admire a structure, yet they are essential to its long-term survival. A solid business foundation isn’t always visible, but you can’t run a sustainable and profitable business without it.

Take a Sales Tax Class

Collecting sales taxes is one of the most confusing parts of running a business. And you should be collecting sales taxes if you sell a physical product – like art. But your life will be a lot easier if you take a class. Or two. Or three.

Starting an Online Presence for Your Art

Outside of a full-blown website, there are two options to get your art online quickly. A Facebook official page is the fastest and easiest, but a blog will yield longer-lasting results. It all depends on what you need right now.

Vision vs. Goals vs. Projects vs. Tasks

I recently asked fans on my Facebook page about setting goals. The responses I received were mostly about projects and tasks then about goals. Since it’s the time of year to work on goals, I thought a review might be helpful.

How to Hire a Consultant for Your Art Career

The most important questions I ask before agreeing to spend an hour with someone on the phone are: What is it you want to accomplish? How do you think I can help? Whether you’re working with me, asking for help from another artist, or signing up for a mentor session at a conference, it’s imperative that you know what outcome you want.

The Name Game: How to Name Your Art Business

How To Name Your Art Business | Alyson Stanfield, Art Biz Coach

One of the first steps an artist makes when turning professional is to decide on a business name. Here are some insights about naming your art business, with links to previous posts. Be sure to read the comments, which have terrific personal insight from other artists.

Delivering Your Art to an Exhibit Venue: What to Expect

One of the most exciting times in a young art career is delivering your art to an exhibition venue for the first time. You comply with all of the preparation rules, but don’t really know what to expect when you arrive at the venue. Here’s how this scene should go down.

Just starting your art career?

I’ve been running this “Beginning Biz Basics” column every Monday for 2 months without calling much attention to it. Today, I thought I’d point out some previous posts that have timeless advice for artists just starting out.

Do Something — Anything

Gini Lawson, The Babysitters

The alternative to doing something is inaction. The alternative to marketing your art is waiting for something to happen and watching opportunities to pass by. I’m pretty sure you don’t want this.

The Worst Time to Start Your Art Career

The worst time to pursue an art career is when you’re desperate – desperate for money, desperate because time is running out, desperate for attention. If you’re laid off from a day job, it’s tempting to think “Now I’ll have time to focus on my art.” I’ve been hearing this a lot over the past two years and it worries me.