How to Compel People to Click Through from Your Email to Your Website

It’s rarely that an email announcing a new or updated website captures my attention. They usually say something like:

I just updated my website. I hope you’ll take a look and let me know what you think.

Yawn. Unless you’re my best friend or a client, I am not going to waste my time scrolling through your entire site. I have no idea what’s there or why it would be valuable to me. And . . . are you quite sure that you want to know what I think?

I was pleasantly surprised when I got Jill Rosoff‘s email announcing her updated site. The message is pretty on the eyes. Notice that there is a little color, but the big splash is the artwork. It’s not upstaged by funky text or a brightly colored background.

Jill Rosoff

Jill compelled me, with her choice of words, to click through to her site to see more.

Jill didn’t just say “please take a look at my new site.” She told me what I’d see there and, more to the point, what she wants me to see. About the Tapestri Collection:

This Collection features my intensely patterned work, where I use multiple washes, layers of color, texture and patterning to produce a richer visuals, a tapestry of the transparent watercolor paints.

About the Still Life Collection:

The Still Life Collection primarily concentrates on everyday objects, plants, fruits and vegetables, things I find that I get a hankering to paint, placed in an environment, even one as a simple as tomatillos sitting on a delicately striped tablecloth.

Jill painted such a clear picture with her words that I had to go see the tomatillos on the “delicately striped tablecloth” for myself!

Jill Rosoff

Jill Rosoff, Tomatillos on Stripes. 5 x 8 inches. ©The Artist

Jill did something else that more artists should do in their newsletters. I’ll share that with you in tomorrow’s post.

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