Vanity Galleries vs. Co-ops

Janice McDonald Collages

I was talking with an artist-friend the other day and this came up . . . Deep Thought: What’s the difference between a vanity gallery and a co-op? Why are co-ops (where artists pay to be members) considered okay, whereas vanity galleries (where artists pay to exhibit) are off-limits?

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The Role of Failure in Your Art Practice

Reclining Nude

Failure. It’s a loaded word. Lisa Call attended a panel discussion at the Rocky Mountain College of Art and Design that I couldn’t attend and thought this question had a lot of value. Deep Thought: Is failure in your art practice something to be embraced, managed, or forgotten?

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The First Sentence on Your Website

Phil Kendall Painting

In school, you probably learned to write an opening sentence and were told it needed to capture attention. But do you need such a sentence on the home page of your website? Deep Thought: Do you have an “opening sentence” on your website?

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What Is Your Compelling Artist Story?

bulldog reading

“They” say that stories help sell anything.

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Is Your Art Good or Garbage?

Garbage bag

If you want to reach a higher level in your art career, there must be someone around who can tell you what’s good and what’s garbage. Or does there? In 2005 NPR aired a 4-part series on flops. In part 3, they discussed the aftermath of failure – specifically, what happens when a movie flops.

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Your Transition To Full-Time Artist

Laura Cheney Art

In Go Pro: How To Turn Your Hobby Into An Art Career, Debby Williams and I discuss the early steps for starting to sell your art. Laura Petrovich-Cheney has a different concern. She asked in a blog comment about the step after one begins selling: transitioning into full-time artist. She said, “I am a school teacher – so like a few folks here – 50 hours a week are dedicated to the day job.

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Are You Decorating A Space?

Deep Thought

I’m throwing you a curve ball . . . a Deep Thought on a Monday. Who knows where this unorthodox behavior might lead? When you loan images directly to a workplace, are you decorating it?

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Ambition And The Artist

Blocks spelling Ambition

Lots of questions about this subject. Deep Thought(s) . . . What role does ambition play in your art career and business? How do you see the ambition of other artists? Has your ambition changed over the years? How so? Has your ambition changed with success?

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Your $350 Marketing Budget

Deep Thought

You have $350 to use for marketing in your current budget. Let’s just say it’s for the month. Deep Thought . . . What options do you see for using the $350 for marketing your art? What do you feel is the best use of $350 for marketing your art right now?

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Rejection Rituals

Girl covering her eyes with her hands

One of my Art Biz Bootcampers recently asked a question of our group that I think deserves a bigger stage. Deep Thought: Do you have any rituals around rejections? Maybe something involving screaming, hiding, crying, or throwing things?

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