Affordable Art as an Option

Deep Thought

If you had asked me 10 years ago or even 5 years ago whether artists should identify some works as less expensive alternatives to their higher-priced art, I would have said “No way!” I’ve had a change of heart.

What Was Your Best Business Decision of 2012?

Arrows on highway

The best business decision I made in 2012 was to invest in a high-level mastermind group. I invested because I believe in working with mentors who have achieved a high degree success. I believe in investing in help for my business. I believe that having a mentor or coach is critical to one’s success.

Is the Artist's Life Selfish?

Julie Dziuba Still Life

I am thinking about leaving a high-paying job for an art career. While my husband can cover our family’s needs, I am having trouble letting go of knowing I can provide for my children – on my own. It feels too selfish. Do you feel guilty for sacrificing security for love and passion? Is the artist’s life selfish?

Wine & Cheese AGAIN???

Deep Thought

The awesome and amazing Matt LeBlanc was generous enough to talk with me this week about his Fusion art and entertainment event, which he deliberately created to be different from the same old wine-and-cheese openings. More than an opening, Fusion is an annual sold-out EVENT.

No Action After the Down Payment

Sandy Askey-Adams, Quiet Evening 2

Here’s the situation . . . Someone gave you a down payment on one of your artworks. There was no agreement that outlined terms of payment. Months or even years have passed. The would-be collector hasn’t returned letters, emails, or phone calls. You’ve tried! Deep Thought Thursday

If You Had to Choose: Fame Now or Later?

Deep Thought

In honor of Days of the Dead, traditionally held November 1-2 in Mexico as Dias de los Muertos . . . Deep Thought Thursday: Is it more important that you achieve fame while you’re alive or that you live on through the history books?

How Will you Celebrate International Artist Day?

International Artist Day

A grassroots movement has proclaimed October 25 (Picasso’s birthday) to be International Artist Day. Why should this day be reserved for artists? Or should it? Is it important? Why or why not? What does it mean to have an International Artist Day? What should it mean?

How Do You Know When to Trust?

Felicity O'Connor, Treble and Bass

Deep Thought Thursday: When looking to do business with someone – be it a venue, consultant, or collector – how do you know to trust? What is your criteria for trust? What has to happen in order for you to trust someone? What kinds of questions do they have to respond to?

Did You Find Any Surprises in Your Businesss Tracking?


Yesterday I encouraged you to track your business growth. Presumably, you’ve been doing some of this already. Deep Thought Thursday: What has surprised you in your tracking?

Can Art Change the World?

Diversity: hands on a globe

Many artists throughout history have had lofty goals for their art: Lead people to a higher spiritual plane, bring diverse people together, nurture peace. Can art do this? Why? How?