Balancing the Roles of Artist and Mother

Guest blogger Sandhya Manne says, “When you love something, you will make time for it — whether “it” is children or art.” She shares how she balances her roles as mother and artist. [...]

Support Your Goals with a Creativity Brief

The structure of a Creativity Brief helps artists define, in detail, the major components of their project and provides a blueprint to take action. Defining, in detail, the major components of your project gives you a blueprint to take action. You don’t worry about your next step(s) because it’s all mapped out for you. [...]

Commit to Something Big

Big ideas motivate us to take action, and each action builds momentum toward a larger goal. We need the focus that big plans provide. [...]

How to Run a Mastermind Meeting

Last week we talked about finding a mastermind partner. This week I’ll give you tips on running your meetings. While there isn’t a correct way to organize a mastermind meeting, there are incorrect ways. [...]

Conspire Against the Artist Myths

Bruce L. Bunch, Greenback Cutthroat Trout. Watercolor.

Take a positive spin on the word “Conspiracy” and join the Artist Conspiracy membership program, which serves as a virtual space for like-minded artists who are conspiring against perpetuated myths. [...]

The 7th Step to Achieving Income Goals

A. Alabi Akinloye, Female #1. Pastel on board.

After completing the six steps in setting your income goal for the year, it is time to determine how the money will come in. Step seven outlines all the areas of your income and divides the income goals across your planned activity. [...]

6 Steps to Identify Your Income Goals

Cathleen Rehfeld, Three Pomegranates. Oil on canvas on panel.

You have a grasp on how much money you’d like to make, but you have no idea how it’s going to happen. Getting a grip on your past income makes it easier to understand where the money will come from in the future. [...]

Get a Grip on Your Projects by January 1

What would it be like to feel more in control of your New Year? Between Christmas and New Year’s, take at least half a day to review your commitments, select a method to record details for each project and assign due or do dates to the tasks. [...]

Defining Your Projects

To prepare you for tomorrow’s post about getting a grip on your projects before the end of the year, here is a list of what your projects might include. [...]

Count Your Accomplishments

It’s easy to be discouraged by everything left undone at the end of the year. Rather than focus on the unfinished items on your list, I urge you to count your accomplishments. Write down everything you achieved in 2010. [...]