When You Can't Decide

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When you are struggling with a decision, remember this . . . You have everything you need to make the right decisions for your art business. You have read the books, listened to the recordings, and taken the classes. You have paid attention.

3 Artists Inspiring Me Right Now

Photo of Kristina Wentzell

If you’ve read chapter 14 of I’d Rather Be in the Studio you’d pick up some great ideas from artists who are promoting their work in creative ways. I love telling these stories and plan to keep sharing them with you as long as you let me. Here are two more of the same ilk and a third one for extra inspiration.

You Are So Lucky

As insane as an inbox can get when neglected, I can’t imagine running a successful business without email. I am grateful for email!

Next time you feel like complaining about all you have to do to build your business, remember the marketing tools (most of them free or inexpensive) that you have at your disposal. Be grateful for everything you have available to help you share your art with the world.

The Fears That Haunt You

©Leah Palmer Preiss

Your fears around building an art business are real to you. Whatever fears you have, you can bet that other artists share them. Still . . . you’re a warrior! You can conquer your fears, but only after you identify them. Here’s a look at 7 common fears that artists have shared with me.

You and I Have a Lot in Common

Alyson Stanfield in Judith Barath's Studio

At least I think we do. We are probably both solopreneurs – meaning we run our business without additional employees. As solopreneurs, we alone are responsible for our failures and successes. We often have to figure stuff out on our own or are too stubborn to ask for help.

Are You Walking the Talk?

In his keynote at the World Domination Summit, Chris Brogan said almost in passing: It’s not who you say you are, it’s what you do. I have a few thoughts on how you might ensure that what you do is more important than who you say you are.

10 Movies About Artists to Add Your Queue (and 2 You Should Skip)

These are dramas I recommend with artists (who once walked this earth) as main characters – without any judgment regarding historical accuracy. You’ve probably seen most of them, but I imagine at least one or two will be new to you.

The Timing Will Never Be Right

There will never be a “good time” to have an exhibit, approach a gallery, write a grant proposal, or give your first artist talk. You have to make room for your priorities, and we tend to put off things that make us uncomfortable.

We’re Darn Lucky

We’re lucky to be artists. We’re lucky we can make and share our work with the world. We’re lucky we can inspire, move, compel, question. But we’re luckiest when . . .

You Are in Charge

Never blame anyone for your perceived failures. When you assume control, you bask in your successes – knowing that they were hard-earned. Likewise, you must also accept responsibility when things go wrong.