Making Art as a Battle Between Artist and Material

Bruce Nauman profile. Artist as observer and synthesizer of words and ideas. And nothing is easy. Every piece of art is a struggle. If you struggle with your work, you’re in good company.

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Correct Your Reference Photos

Most compact digital cameras have significant barrel distortion. The wider the lens, the worse the effect. So when you take a picture of someone, their nose looks bigger than it should. Guest blogger Jeremy Lee shows you how to correct for this in your reference photographs.

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Get Back in the Studio and Make Art!

Jacqui Beck, To The Cypress, acrylic and mixed media

Without your art, you have nothing to market, and there would be no need for you to read this blog.

Without your art, you wouldn’t be an artist. You’d just have an interesting hobby.

Without your art, your gifts to the world would be fewer and far less original.

Get back in the studio and make art!

Jacqui Beck, To The Cypress. Acrylic and mixed media, 10 x 20 inches. ©The Artist

Every week I give you an art marketing action to try or to tweak. What I don’t say in each issue is that your art must be your priority. I’m here to give you ideas for promoting and selling your art. It’s your job to put your art first—before the marketing.

In Linchpin, author

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Conservation of Your Artwork: Intent and Keeping Records

Future generations have no idea what your intent was in making a piece of art. You have to spell it out if it isn’t obvious. If you want your work preserved in a museum one day, make a conservator happy. Keep notes about your working materials, techniques, and intent.

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What is Artistic Style?

Julie Blackman

In order to project a professional image as an artist, you must be able to define yourself and your art in a sea of untold numbers of artists. To do this, you must first find your style.

What is Artistic Style?

“Style” is a word we use freely and without much thought. But what does it mean? In her book Living With Art, Rita Gilbert writes that “style is a characteristic or group of characteristics that we can identify as constant, recurring, or coherent.” She goes on to say, “Artistic style is the sum of constant, recurring or coherent traits identified with a certain individual or group.”

An artist’s style is not good or bad. It just IS. The execution might be criticized, the colors might be

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Devote 15 Minutes a Day to . . .

John Sartin jewelry

I wrote my book in 15 minutes a day. Honest! When I felt disconnected with the content, my coach advised me to “check in” with my book every day. I promised just 15 minutes a day. It worked! In a minute I’m going to show you how you can use the 15-minute trick for yourself. But first, a little background.

“How am I supposed to make art, promote it, take care of my family, exercise, and stay sane?!”

I hear this complaint—and it is a complaint—a lot. In other words, I’m being asked how to juggle all of the tasks in one’s life—or at least all of the tasks that someone WISHES they could fit in.

John Sartin, Pendant. Sterling /copper Mokume Gane, Sterling silver, 14k

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Make Your Art Big Enough to Hold Your Ideas and Dreams

Don’t let size or space be an issue when you make your art. Make your art it as big as it needs to be in order to hold your ideas and dreams. If it’s good enough, it will find a home. If you have to borrow a truck to haul it, you’ll do that, too.

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Deep Thought Thursday: Could you make it blue instead of pink?

What would you do (as an artist) when a client wants to buy a painting, for a few thousand dollars, but requires one of the minor details be changed? Would you alter the painting or not?

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The first 4 steps toward selling your art: Step #1

When I’m asked “Where do I start?” I can cite 4 steps that an artist should take in the beginning of a career. Step #1 is to be completely devoted to your studio practice.

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Deep Thought Thursday: By the master’s hand?

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