Save Time With Evergreen Content

Evergreen boughs

How’d you like to save time writing and updating your sites? It’s easy! Make your content “evergreen.” Evergreen content is up-to-date whether it’s consumed now, next month, or three years into the future.

Where to Distribute Catalogs of Your Art

A few weeks ago I wrote about what should go into a catalog of your art. (Be sure to read the comments for catalog tips from readers.) Now I want to talk about what to do with a catalog you’ve created.

Peek Inside a Catalog of Your Art

Catalogs document an exhibit or body of work, and they are a record of your career at a moment in time. Consider creating an electronic or printed catalog to utilize as marketing pieces of your work. Here is a list of key features to include in your catalog.

The Most Versatile Postcard You’ll Ever Create

This is the most fun, most useful, most versatile postcard I’ve ever created. And I’m tipping my hand because it’s possible you might see one of these in your mailbox. Still, it’s valuable enough that I don’t think I can keep it from you any longer.

Why Most Artist Newsletters Stink (and What To Do About It)

Three words that can revolutionize artist newsletters: Focus! Focus! Focus! The mission of your newsletter should be to engage people and to forge a stronger connection between readers and your art.

5 Face-to-Face Networking Essentials

The value of face-to-face marketing is being drowned out by the cacophony of online marketing advice. Here are 5 face-to-face networking essentials to remember when attending events, openings, and conferences.

Get a Free Link by Giving Us a Peek at Your Holiday Greeting

Did you send a holiday greeting that is posted in a public space online? Leave a link to your greeting in a comment with some words that will entice us to visit and take a look.

If You Want People to Attend

Are you announcing, inviting, or commanding? Sometimes announcements are all that is needed – there’s nothing to invite people to. But if you want people to show up, let them know you value their attendance. Invite, don’t command.

Checklist for Your Invitations

Whether you’re sending an invitation to an exhibit opening, an open studio, or a holiday party, be sure you’re answering all of the questions the recipients might have. Here is a checklist you can use as a starting point.

Photo Ideas to Shake Up Your Online Presence

Michelle Wermuth Photography

It’s easier to make connections online when you have good photographs.

I know I’m relentlessly preaching the value of good language, but don’t neglect excellent photos. And I’m not just talking about photos of your art.

Michelle Wermuth photographs nature close up. This image shows her actively engaged with her subject.

Never underestimate your audience’s desire to know more about you and more about your life as an artist. How about photos of . . .

Your art (let’s start with this at a bare minimum) Your office Your studio You Need more detail? I give 31 examples of various photos you can add to your promotional mix in today’s issue of the Art Marketing Action newsletter. The content is for subscribers only, but you can get the latest edition in your inbox if you subscribe by October 5.