Selecting Images for Greeting Cards

Brennan McElhaney

Brennen McElhaney recently asked fans on Facebook to tell him which images they preferred for greeting cards. This got me thinking. Do some images/styles/colors sell better as greeting cards than others?

Studio Signage to Attract Attention

Twisted Brick Artists in Palisade

The artists of Twisted Brick Studios in Palisade, Colorado have some of the most effective signage on the outside of their studio building that I’ve ever seen. Take a look.

Collecting Your Collectors’ Names

Lee Shiney Art

Artist Lee Shiney creates a buyers’ packet for the back of his art so that he knows where his art ends up. When people register the art, they can also request to be added to his mailing list.

Eye Candy in My Inbox

Take a look at how the newsletter from the American Craft Council so visually appealing. Then consider how your art is visually laid out on a page. How do your colors, fonts, and images relate to one another? Squint your eyes. Is the art the most important element in the message?

Artist Newsletters < Deep Thought Thursdays

A few months back, Laura said that she felt the idea of newsletters is “broken.” Since I’ve been wrestling with the format of the Art Marketing Action newsletter for a few months now, Laura’s comment got me thinking. Are newsletters still of value?

Contact Lists: The Basics

I haven’t said it in awhile, but remember that your contact list is your #1 asset. No one knows the same people you do and people are more likely to buy from you if they know and like you.

What do you do with a catalog of your art? < Deep Thought Thursday

How do you use a published catalog to promote your art more effectively?

What's at the top of your email message?

Most of the email messages I receive from artists and galleries have text at the top. There’s usually nothing wrong with text at the top of the email, but I’m convinced that recipients are more likely to open and read a message when the art is at the top.

Do your emails provide a call to action?

You don’t get what you don’t ask for and Jill Rosoff wasn’t shy about asking her email subscribers for help. Jill went a step further than most artists do in their messages. She asked the people who most appreciate her art to share it with others who might be interested.

How to Compel People to Click Through from Your Email to Your Website

Jill Rosoff

It’s rarely that an email announcing a new or updated website captures my attention. I was pleasantly surprised when I got Jill Rosoff’s email announcing her updated site. The message is pretty on the eyes and the text piqued my curiosity.