Do your emails provide a call to action?

You don’t get what you don’t ask for and Jill Rosoff wasn’t shy about asking her email subscribers for help. Jill went a step further than most artists do in their messages. She asked the people who most appreciate her art to share it with others who might be interested.

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How to Compel People to Click Through from Your Email to Your Website

Jill Rosoff

It’s rarely that an email announcing a new or updated website captures my attention. I was pleasantly surprised when I got Jill Rosoff’s email announcing her updated site. The message is pretty on the eyes and the text piqued my curiosity.

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Sticker Giveaway Contest

MOO wants to give you a book of 90 stickers to help you promote your art. But first you have to tell us what you’ll do with those stickers. Let the contest begin!

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The Process of Producing a Newsletter


I start writing the Art Marketing Action newsletter a week ahead of time. I have Evernote notebooks full of possible topics to write on, but my best newsletters are in response to something happening at the moment.

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After the Business Card Exchange


When people hand you their business cards, what do you do with them? What you DON’T do is add them to a bulk email list. Aside from that, you still want to keep in touch. Here’s a process that works for me.

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Greeting Card Service for Your Subscribers

I often hear artists struggling with gift ideas for their newsletter subscribers. I’ve been a little at a loss for the answer myself. What could you give that has value to your subscribers, but doesn’t cost you a fortune? I’ve got it! Let me throw this idea out there for you to turn into something brilliant.

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Subliminal Imaging: Warming Up People to Your Art

If you ever hesitate to use the same image in more than one self-promotion piece, remember this story about why I selected a specific piece of art to use in my newsletter. Familiarity can be a good thing. At least that’s my theory.

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Gallery Space Available: Upper Right Corner

Since the topic of the week seems to be old-fashioned marketing rather than Internet marketing, let’s think about why you might want postage stamps with your art on them — even if they cost more than double the face value.

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Artist Bio vs. Artist Statement vs. About Page

Theresa Beckemeyer, Chautauqua

Are you confused about the difference between your artist biography and artist statement? I’m here to help! See if these explanations give you a better picture of these two documents. I’ve thrown in your About page for free.

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Use Tables to Line Up Your Résumé

If you’re using Microsoft Word to create your résumé and are finding your columns out of line, I suggest using the Tables feature.

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