Don’t Trust Social Media Alone to Deliver Your Important Message

©2010 Cheryl Laube, Why. From the "Being Woman” Series III. Archival digital print.

You must use all of the weapons in your marketing arsenal to get attention. Don’t trust one marketing method to deliver an important message. You need a combination – a 1, 2, 3 PUNCH!

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Feel Better About the M Word

Carolin Peters, Mind, Body, Spirit


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Thank You for Your Inspiration

Colleen Attara, Alyson, and Heather Davulcu

I’m grateful for artists like Colleen Attara and Heather Davulcu who bring such enthusiasm to my workshops.

Thank you to my readers!

I do what I do because I believe that art should have an elevated role in our crazy world, and art wouldn’t exist without artists.

Thank you for reading the Art Biz Blog. I am grateful that you trust me.

I appreciate your ideas and all of the inspiration you provide me.

What’s on your mind

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Give - and Claim - Credit

Leslie Parke, Tracks

Me, Meaghan Flaherty, and Libby Hintz. Photo by Pat D’Aversa.

I flubbed up last week big time.

I failed to give credit to the photographer of the personal picture in the Art Marketing Action newsletter.

The photographer who made Megan Flaherty, Libby Hintz, and me look so good was Pat D’Aversa.

I know better than this – especially since I had just taught about the importance of credit lines in the

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How to Meet New People

E. Brady Robinson, Andrea Pollan's Desk

Photographer E. Brady Robinson got to know arts leaders in the Washington, D.C. area by initiating a project to photograph their desks.

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Start Promoting It NOW

Local Market in Golden, Colorado

The more people see something, the more they will look forward to it and the more likely they are to act on it when the time comes.

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Speed Dating for Artists and Retailers

Annie Salness

Described as “speed dating for artists and retailers,” these Portland, Oregon events match up artists and people who can help them exhibit and sell their work. Would you do it?

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A Single, Focused Call to Action

Angela Bounds, Keeping Watch

In order for your last-minute marketing message to work, it must have a single choice – a single call to action. If you’re mucking up your marketing message by adding too much to it, you won’t be effective.

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Benefits of Last-Minute Marketing

David Hiltner, Large Silo Jar. Clay.

While I share tips to help you promote your work, I am simultaneously promoting my own products and services.

I’ve found that last-minute marketing (the day of or the day prior to a deadline) is worth every ounce of effort. When I don’t bother with the extra push, my enrollment is smaller, my sales are lower, and fewer people benefit from what I have to offer.

David Hiltner, Large Silo Jar.

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Stop Waiting for People to Sign Up

Jessica Pisano, Sunset Marsh. Acrylic and gold leaf on black-and-white photograph.

If you have been ignoring your contact list or relying solely on people to sign up for your email updates with an online form, it’s time to re-commit to nurturing your contacts.

Jessica Pisano, Sunset Marsh. Acrylic and gold leaf on black-and-white photograph, 15 x 19 inches. ©The Artist

Your contact list is where you store all of the people you know or would like to know. It’s storage. You can safely

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